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When a House Becomes a Home
Written by Ross Cavins   
Monday, 16 February 2009

ImageImage I just moved a few weeks ago and I'm finally feeling settled in my new house.  Don't get me wrong, I still have unpacked boxes and I don't know where a lot of things are, including most of my pots and pans.

In fact, the spare bedroom looks more like a rent-by-the-month storage room than a place actual people live.  The mattress is leaning against the wall, boxes are stacked one on top of the other, and the closet has become a shove-everything-in-it space.

But my pantry is stocked, my fridge is full and my computer is hooked up.  I'm a single man and we're simple like that.  Give us the basics and we're generally happy.

I've even changed my address with my bank and my credit card.  Unfortunately, the bill people also have my new address.

Working For the Weekend: Dull Jobs and Lap Dancing Dreams
Written by Tiggy   
Sunday, 15 February 2009

ImageImage I’m sitting in the company boardroom, listening to a presentation about something I don’t care about for a job I hate. The Power Point slides flash across the screen as the speaker drones on about departmental procedures. Like anyone gives a fuck. My brain is starting to shut down and evaporate through my ears.

My working life wasn’t supposed to be this dull. At junior school my friends and I would sit around the lunch table chattering excitedly about our future jobs when we grew up – writer, airline pilot, lap dancer. And that was just me. Why do we resign ourselves to crappy uninspiring jobs? Apart from the desperate need for money. But are dream jobs really that great after all?

Ten things Iíll probably never know
Written by That Chick   
Sunday, 01 February 2009

ImageImage Ten things I’ll probably never know:

·       If when purchasing a Lexus you really do get a little card to place in your wallet which entitles you to drive in the furthest left hand lane on the interstate while going 8 miles below the posted speed limit.

·       What I will say at my Academy award acceptance speech.

Waving At Strangers
Written by Ross Cavins   
Thursday, 29 January 2009

ImageImage In the South, we do things a little bit differently.  We move at a slower pace, for sure, but only because we choose to do so.  We talk slower but we leave out unneeded syllables so we actually say things in the same amount of time.  (It's true, I've actually measured it.)

Visiting folks is Southern pastime.  Like baseball and fishing and chasing fireflies.  It's encoded into our genetics.  It's part of what makes us Southern.

We love fried chicken and sweet tea and banana pudding.  We crave the first sweet watermelon of the season and can't wait to shuck that first stalk of silver queen corn.

We can sit outside on a warm summer night and listen to the crickets chirp and be perfectly at peace with the world. 

Southerners aren't that hard to figure out.

But that waving-at-strangers thing; that one's always had me puzzled.

BlogOpera (pt 11)
Written by Formerly Fun   
Wednesday, 28 January 2009

ImageImage And now we continue with our next installment of Formerly Fun's BlogOpera.

BlogOpera  (pt 11)

I woke up first, noticing the sun edging its way down the horizon. I quietly got up from the bed leaving him to sleep for a while. I made myself some ice tea and thumbed through the day's mail enjoying a brief moment of solitude.

In my bedroom Dylan was still sleeping, the sheet only half covering him. He was an attractive man who definitely fit into what I would physically call my type. He was tall and lean, but not gangly or heroine-sheik thin.

He had strong arms that must have come from something other than hefting lattes and espressos. He had a mess of sandy blonde hair that was not long, but looked as if he had missed the last few haircuts allowing it to grow just enough to look tousled. 

The Creation Agent, Installment 3
Written by Gini Koch   
Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Image357 This is an ongoing serial exclusively for my website readers. Check back often for updates, or sign up for my Hook Me Up! Newsletter (send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it with Hook Me Up! in the subject line) and I’ll let you know when the next installment’s going live. Let me know on the blog if you’re enjoying it!

Part 1: Bloodletting

Installment 3

“Get into the hangar!” Mitch shouted at us.

“It’s locked and it’ll take five minutes to unlock,” I replied. I wrenched out of his hold, grabbed Uncle Archie’s hand, and headed us towards the corral. The month’s hay shipment had arrived a couple of days prior, which meant we had a lot of bales to hide behind.

The gunshots started as we all ran. Mitch shoved me and Uncle Archie down just before a bullet would have gotten one of our heads. We scrambled to safety, lead flying all around us.

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