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The ABC's of Crazy PDF Print E-mail
Written by Suzy Soro   
Friday, 08 August 2008

ImageImageI can smell a manipulation a mile away. There’s a certain way people hesitate in formulating a sentence, in the passive-aggressive way they swirl a lie around and around in their mouth like a velvety 1999 Chateuneuf du Pape.

What is funny to me is that when people’s manipulations do not work, they keep trying. You can tell them it’s none of their business and what they hear is “Help me, I’m an idiot and can’t figure out what to do.”

Just like Withholders are not Apologizers, Manipulators are Deniers. If you call them out on their behavior they will look at you as if you have suddenly lost your mind. And in both cases, it always comes down to one thing, people with these psychological disorders CAN NOT be wrong and can’t apologize.

ImageI was watching George Stephanopoulos’ program on Sunday morning a few months ago and he was interviewing Democrat Chris Dodd and at one point in the interview Dodd said that there are things that people in public office can’t do. And one of them is to admit that they made a mistake, that they were wrong. If our political leaders can’t lead by example, what hope is there for the rest of us? And by us I mean you.

Why are people so busy getting up in other people’s business? Manipulators are people who are so wildly out of control in their own lives that the only thing they can do is go shopping for problems in the mall of your life and try and ‘fix it’ for you. Me? I have my own issues and have spent a lot of time trying to vacuum up the crumbs of my former existence and throw them away. So I don’t have time to tell people:

  1. How to spend their money because it isn’t MY money.
  2. How to dump their husband/girlfriend/boyfriend/job/gay lover because they are not MY husband/ girlfriend/boyfriend/job/gay lover.
  3. How to get someone back in my life because it is MY decision and none of your business.
  4. What shoes go with what outfit because… okay, with that one I have to say something. I’m only human.


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