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Marshall Brown

As a young man, Marshall Brown strove for unparalleled excellence. Now he just floats by content with eating Italian food and ice cream while watching Survivor reruns.

Homosexuals And Rednecks ... PDF Print E-mail
Written by Marshall Brown   
Tuesday, 26 February 2008

ImageImageHave one thing in common.  They can both pull off the lone mustache.  That's right gay guys and country boys can have the mustache by itself.  Occasionally a black guy can also pull it off but if you see a white guy and he's got just the mustache ten times out of ten he's decked out in either camouflage or Banana Republic. 

ImageI think Tom Selleck was the last straight white guy to pull it off. But when you think about it he could have been gay. Remember Three Men and a Baby? Any movie with the words "three men" in it might as well be considered to be gay porn!

To add more proof, it's the same rule for the handlebar mustache which is quite arguably the gayest looking fashion choice ever. For a gay man it makes him look a million times gayer and for the redneck it makes him look a million times more manly and redneck!

I rest my case.


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